Product Offerings

NYA has developed a range of useful products by working with some of the leaders in European and global football.

Among the products we have available for rapid delivery are these:

  • - match reports
  • - player dossiers
  • - squad evaluations
  • - opposition analysis
  • - league table forecasts
  • - team performance reviews
  • - transfer and wage value analyses

We also offer tailored products in the areas listed below - please contact us for details and pricing.

Transfers and recruiting

Rating players. NYA can compile player ratings over any time period with sufficient data and for almost any league in the world. Our ratings can also be adjusted to eliminate team effects, focusing on a player's innate ability. The ratings are consistent over time and strongly correlated with team results at an aggregate level. We use ratings across several dimensions to compile detailed player profiles.

Matching players. Do you have a great player who's injured or nearing retirement? We can help you to find a replacement. We search for similarities in both individual characteristics and integration with the team to ensure a good fit. NYA can search across as many leagues as required using the same algorithm.

Cloning scouts. NYA can help clubs to expand the power of their knowledge exponentially. We can develop an algorithm to mimic the recommendations of a club's top scout and then apply the expertise to any league with similar data collection. For example, the algorithm could use data from Argentina's Primera A to select the same players that a scout from France's Ligue 1 might have picked.

Reducing uncertainty. By comparing the track records of different scouts and algorithms already in use at a club, we can find the optimal way to combine them into one decision-making process. Our goal is to help each club reduce false positives (signed players who turn out to be duds) and false negatives (unsigned players who turn out to be stars) while staying within its budget.

Comparing leagues. How well will a player from one league perform in another? We have several statistical tools devoted to answering this question. We assess the relative strengths of leagues using both historical data and innovative methods based on economic theory.

Analyzing costs and benefits. Every player is worth a different amount to every club. We use a sophisticated simulation to calculate the cash benefits that a player might offer to a specific club over a fixed period of time. These benefits can be compared apples-to-apples with the cost of a transfer for a fully informed decision.

Tactics and performance

Evaluating team performance. We use a combination of advanced statistics and pictures to show how the team performs as a whole in attacking and defending, including specific topics such as pressing, purposeful possession, set pieces, and combination play. NYA compares actual results to simulated results to indicate underlying levels of performance, and also checks to see whether players are exhibiting exceptional skill in shooting or saving.

Measuring styles. NYA's proprietary algorithms can find the markers of a specific playing style in match data, helping to identify players and coaches who can propagate or neutralize different ways of playing. We can also find clubs that share a similar style for potential loan destinations.

Assessing effectiveness. How successful is a player on offense versus defense, or playing on the left versus on the right? Our ratings can be broken down by areas of the field, game states, possession, and other useful axes to provide a complete picture of performance. We use easily interpreted numbers and visualizations to make the results accessible to everyone at a club.

Realizing potential. NYA's Shapley values offer a new way to find out whether players are performing to their full potential in a given tactical setup. Shapley values identify players who are not being used effectively and also players who are pivotal to success on the field, whether for your own team or the opposition. In both cases, we can recommend a variety of tools to understand why players are under- or overperforming.

Predicting and preventing injuries. Using a unique combination of match data and physiological data, NYA has developed algorithms for spotting the players most at risk for injury. The results allow clubs to reduce the frequency and lengths of layoffs. And because injuries can never be completely prevented, we can also help clubs to plan for their likely personnel needs over the course of the season.

Long-term planning

Forecasting results. NYA has exceptionally precise models for predicting how a team will perform over the course of a season using historical data and the results of a small number of matches. These forecasts can help clubs to decide whether they need to invest during the mid-season transfer windows or undertake other approaches to improve performance.

Looking into the financial future. NYA's expertise in economics and finance allows us to provide rational forecasts for club revenues, costs, and profits. We combine predictions of results on the field with likely trends in demand for tickets, merchandise, and other sources of revenue. NYA can also make tailored recommendations for financial tools, such as insurance and hedging using derivatives, to reduce risk and improve long-term financial health.

Setting goals. Does it make sense for a club to target the Europa League? How about a long run in the League Cup? We can quantify the financial risks implicit in deploying a club's assets to reach different objectives. NYA helps clubs to choose the targets that will satisfy fans while maintaining the club's financial prospects.

Creating incentives. NYA can assist clubs in structuring contracts to ensure that players are rewarded in proportion to their and the team's performances. NYA offers advice for the design, implementation, and size of compensation and bonuses based on the latest work in economics and psychology.

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