Winning by the Numbers

NYA has helped teams achieve their goals in the English Premier League, Major League Soccer, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Women's Super League, Olympic Games, and other competitions around the world.

What is NYA?

North Yard Analytics is the vehicle for Dan Altman's statistical analyses of soccer and other professional sports. NYA and its partners work with teams and media to find new insights that build on existing expertise. NYA's proprietary algorithms can be tailored to each client's needs and data sources.

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NYA adheres to a set of principles designed to maximize the consistency and long-term value of its metrics. At the heart of NYA's work is the maxim that data mean little without theory. On that basis, NYA considers analytics as a complement to and not a substitute for traditional analysis of sports.

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NYA mixes ideas from economics, mathematics, physics, biology, and statistics to create unique ways of assessing players, devising tactics, predicting results, and managing finances. As well as using conventional tools, NYA specializes in non-parametric analysis and Bayesian forecasting.

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North Yard Analytics LLC is a limited liability company formed in the State of New York.